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Product Name Led Lighted Mirror
Installation Method Wall hanging
Front Light Mirrors around the edge
Function Touch Sensor
Mirror Material 5mm copper free silver,aluminum,or customize
Optional Functions *LED Clock;Temperature display 
*Touch Sensor Switch
*Motion Sensor switch
*Anti-fog ( Defogger ) (Demister)
*Magnifier *Bluetooth
Application Hotel bathroom decoration in Washing/toilet,family house,hotel,school,hospital,apartment,etc.
Place of Origin: Guangdong, China

The smart mirror integrates the smart display, sensor and operating system equipped with the Android system in the traditional mirror, Added mirror display and human-mirror interaction functions to the mirror, thus becoming the fourth screen besides computers, TVs, and mobile phones. It can realize touch function, music playing function, video news playing function, weather forecast, date, perpetual calendar, clock display, message board, network video and other functions on the smart mirror.Smart mirrors can be applied to a variety of home life scenarios, such as bathroom mirrors in the morning and evening for three minutes each day, you can get the latest news, weather conditions, road conditions, etc.. The hall mirror is focused on the intelligent control center, information presentation center, and visual access control.
Four modules:
1.Life service module: real-time display of weather, time, calendar, schedule and life information.
2.Health service module: collect data such as weight, blood pressure, blood sugar and provide personalized health service.
3.Beauty service module: virtual makeup, beauty tutorial, docking beauty equipment, beauty and health services.
4.News and entertainment module: news feeds and rich multimedia resources such as popular dramas, live shows, radio, and music.
Four functions:
1.Special software for magic mirror to realize integrated display of weather, traffic, music, information and
other information for quick operation.
2.Support all kinds of Android apps to realize the use of Internet TV/video, communication software, and social software.
3.Support basic functions such as file management, clock, calendar, email, calculator, etc.. 4.Thesystem supports multi-language switching.


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