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Easy-to-Clean Design
Modern Sleek and Seamless Toilets Design: With nice clean lines, this white modern toilet is a perfect edition to your small bathroom remodel and will look amazing in your restroom.
Space Saver with Small Size: This small toilet is smaller and shorter than a standard toilet, so it fits for small bathrooms.
Water Conversation with Dual Flush Feature: One button for “light flush” and one for “heavy flush”, allows you to proactively conserve water by selecting 0.8 GPF or higher for tougher jobs.
One-piece toilets integrate the tank and bowl into a seamless,Self-clean glaze surface creates a nice look, easy-to-clean design.

Type Name Urinal squatting
Features Splash-proof and odor-resistant design: no splashing, odor-resistant, sanitary.
Strong momentum: porous scouring, quickly wash away dirt, strong momentum does not block.
Anti-slip stripe design: The anti-slip stripe design is adopted to achieve the anti-slip effect and bring you a comfortable life
The elderly and children can use it with confidence.
Application Home Hotel Villa Apartment Office Building Hospital Mall
Certificate IAPMO(CUPC) Water Sense ADA
After-sale Service Online technical support, 3 Year Limited Parts Warranty,Free spare parts

Super Quiet & Powerful Flushing
Fully glazed flush,bringing a super-quiet and powerful flush – No clogs, No leaks. Leak-proof. Highly efficient dual-flush 1.28GPF/0.8GPF,The water ejects from two small holes, flush along the inner wall of a well-designed elongated toilet an create a vortex. The vortex does 360 degrees well cleaning at all corners of the toilet bowl. Meanwhile, it creates a quieter life.
Big-sized trapway drainage and dual flush offering a choice of 3L/6L actuator, which makes two-piece toilet very water-saving and environment-friendly. High-efficiency. Dual flush toilets 1.28 GPF for full flush (adjustable with floater)/0.8 GPF for half flush (adjustable on flush cistern) with a powerful flush system. It has two flush options and both are water-saving features.
Turbo siphon flush
Quite & Powerful Flushing one piece toilet, flush bringing a super quiet and powerful flushing-NO clogs, NO leaks, and NO problem Jet flushing technology with water released from specially-designed holes in 360 degreesaround, keeping the bowl always clean and fresh.
Glazed inside and outside
To prevent particles from adhering to the ceramic surface, easy clean glazing is applied. Making use of nanometer technology a super-smooth and extra-hard surface is created. The trap channels in our toilets are also perfectly glazed inside just likeoutside. This keeps the inside of the toilet and the walls particle-free.
High temperature firing
Every piece of MOPO ceramic toilet products has been fired in the kiln with high temperature above 1280°C for 24 hours, so that it will not only gain a silky, high-density and solid surface which provide the properties of crack resistance and long service life,but also the lower water absorption (≤0.2%) which ensures its anti-odor feature.
Automation Glazed
On the automated assembly line, the toilet enters a small work area. Each craftsman carefully wipes it with dust and sponge to make sure it is completely smooth and ready for glazing. The robot glazes the toilet evenly. In projects that are too large or
have recently been designed to not use an automated production line, apply the glaze manually.

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