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PVC +calcium powder+ additive


1220*2440 mm and customized


1.3-6.0 mm


Hot stamping foil & UV-coating



We are exporting our UV stone plastic board to a lot of places and countries, in Africa and West Asia,
they call it UV board or PVC UV board or UV stone plastic sheet ,our board is popular in Myanmar & Vietnam & Thailand & Philippines.....ect
our board mainly for indoor decoration
PVC base material
1. Chemical stability
2. Corrosion resistance
3. High hardness and strength
4. Uv protection
5. Reliable insulation performance
6. Smooth and smooth surface
7. No water absorption, no deformation
8. Easy to install
As the professional pvc products provider, strict quality control system,
quick response & solution is our basic service, so we ensure your needs in products will be satisfied in our best trying.
To be your cooperator, your opinion & idea, your suggestions,and your requirements will be respected.
Now all our products are 100% for exporting, more and more customers from Middle East,
Eastern Europe, Africa, and South America are cooperating with us.



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