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Multi-layer solid wood Bathroom cabinet
Multi-layer Solid Wood UV coating
Hight Pressure Compressed
Veneer layer
EO1STANDARD Eucalyptus
core Plywooc
Veneer layer
UV coatina
Waterproof Scratch No
Treatment Resistance Deformation
Rubber wood without fear of water vapor
The main material of the rubber wood cabinet body is high density and high hardness so it has good waterproof and moisture
resistance performance and is widely used in bathroom space.
Higher hardness high density Beautiful texture

Type Name Modern Luxury Bathroom Vanity Cabinet
Features Available in Multiple Finishes
inset doors included for a clean, flawless design finish
High hardness, easy to clean
Soft slides and hinges, water proof, dust proof
Single drawer double door storage Generous storage space
Open back for easy plumbing access
Extra thick edge profile vanity top for a luxurious appearance
Single-hole faucet mount option
Frameless LED Mirror
Soft-closing & Quiet sliders
E1 level Raw material
super strong Loading capacity
Concealed drawer
Quick and Easy Installation
Application Hotel Home Villa Apartment
Certificate CE ISO 9001 SASO WaterMark UPC

Cabinet and countertop
The cabinet body matches the double plate material and purpose
Solid wood cabinet + PVC door panel
The door panel is made of PVC, which is more waterproof. The cabinet body is made of multi-layer solid wood material, which has
stronger bearing capacity
Multi-layer solid wood panel cabinet adopts PVC panel Ink black/door use Rock slab basin use
Echoes with the thin metal handle, so The overall design is smart and light
the rock slab has high hardness, toughness, compressive strength and bending strength

Stainless steel hinge
Stainless steel hinge
Using new electroplating technology, more corrosion resistant
Oxidation corrosion, long-term use as new.
Hydraulic cylinder
Hydraulic cylinder is an important accessory for damping and buffering, with uniform buffer strength, quiet and no noise
Porcelain white easy clean basin
Three-layer nano-level easy-to-clean glaze, the surface is as smooth as porcelain, fine and silky. Firing at a high temperature of 1280°C forms microcrystalline self-cleaning glaze. The area is hard to retain water and keeps it smooth and dry
Self-priming slide
Passed tens of thousands of opening and closing experiments. Self-priming slide rail has strong bearing capacity. It still opens and closes smoothly and protects the cabinet while reducing collision noise. Buffer support slide rail does not rust and prevents damage
Surface texture selection more than 100 kinds of patterns for you to choose Color slab marble Solid wood The water permeability of the rock slab is 1/10000. The impervious countertop will not turn yellow.
Rock slabs can make stains impermeable. The water permeability of qualified products should be less than or equal to 0.5%, and the water permeability of rock slabs is as low as 0.01%.
Multiple customization options only for you dressing table for you to choose Bathroom cabinet Scientifically plan storage space and say no to disorderly and unsystematic bathrooms Separate up and down, left and right partitions, separate storage of different categories, more clean and tidy
Countertop storage The countertop can store daily necessities, making it easier to take and place basin and faucet available for your choice Each one has its own good points, so that you can select which style you like
Mirror cabinet storage fully enclosed storage, moisture-proof and sun-proof, can better store skin care products that need to be
protected from light and moisture

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